What is Scientology’s View of God?

This is probably going to be the most controversial piece I write regarding any of this.  Some people are going to love that I’m putting this out there, some people are going to hate it.  Some people are going to same that I am wrong and that this isn’t Scientology’s view of God.  Some People are going to agree with it.  The reactions are going to be all over the spectrum. And, Honestly, I don’t care.

The only thing I care about is that when someone reads this, they understand it. I want them to get where I’m coming from on this, I want them to get how Scientology Lies about this subject and how a person gets sucked into a view of God that you never in your wildest dream might have had.

What I do NOT want is to be Judged. No one living on this planet has the right to Judge me so, please, don’t do that.

It’s going to be tough but here I go:

As Explained in my posting “My First trip to Dianetics Center”, What I was told was,

“Man, hasn’t reached a point in his spiritual awareness to get to the truth on all that. What we do is work to raise the person’s spiritual awareness so that he can find the true answers”

And that is the stance Scientology takes. That is what they use in the book “What is Scientology?” and it is what all NEW People are told. ALL new people.

Here is the Quote from “What is Scientology?”

The Church has no dogma concerning God, and each person’s concept is probably different. As a person becomes more aware of himself, others and the environment and God, each person attains his own certainty as to who God is and exactly what God means to him. The author of the universe exists. How God is symbolized or manifested is up to each individual to find for himself.

Man, that sounds great doesn’t it? Especially for a young guy trying to figure out this area of life.  But is is really up to each individual person to find out for himself?

After I was in a few months and read more books, listened to more tapes. I came across a paragraph in “Science of Survival” that seemed to help me out. This is ASLO used in “What is Scientology?” here it is:

“No culture in the history of the world, save the thoroughly depraved and expiring ones, has failed to affirm the existence of the Supreme Being. It is an empirical observation that men without a strong and lasting faith in a Supreme Being are less capable, less ethical and less valuable to themselves and society…a man without an abiding faith is, by observation alone, more of a thing than a man.”

That is one profound statement!  There is just no easy way to count the numbers of times I pulled that piece out and read it to people, so many times.

Is that REALLY the view of Scientology?  Oh, if it were just that simple. I could close this right now, post my article and be done. However, it’s NOT even close to that simple!

I went through many, many years of Scientology thinking the above was Scientology’s View on God. I totally believed Scientology would leave it up to me to figure this out. Don’t you get that idea when you read that paragraph? That’s not the case at al

I have lost the majority of the materials I left Scientology with so I am going to have to do some googling here, hoping to find what I’m for to continue this.

I trained a Lot of Auditors in my time as a Course Supervisor. In fact, at one point, I was told to count up the number of Auditors I trained when I was Course Supervisor and it came out to be 2.8 Auditors a week.   That was in about a 3 year span (which I will go into all that). I’m not sure the 3 years is accurate, but it’s close. It if were 3 years that means  I trained 436 Auditors.  Only thing, I’m sure of is that I averaged 2.8 Auditors a week.

I can hear it now, “why are you telling me all that?” the reason is THAT’S the way to start finding out what Scientology’s TRUE view of GOD is.

I also want to say this before I get to far into all that. Is there is NOTHING in Scientology in which one is asked to have “faith”. NOTHING!  Does that make sense?  You are NEVER asked to have faith in this and just believe. You are asked to go APPLY this and see if it works that way.  THAT isn’t faith.  You aren’t even asked to have faith that you are immortal Spiritual Being that is timeless and deathless.  The view on that is: you will figure it out, when you figure it out.  Ok, I got move on.

There is such a thing as an “implant” in Scientology that the Auditors learn about. I have to let you in on that.

In Scientology, an implant is a form of Thought insertion, similar to an engram but done deliberately and with evil intent. It is “an intentional installation of fixed ideas, contra-survival to the thetan”


The Thetan is you, the Spiritual Being.

Hubbard states that is these impants that are the cause of the concepts of heaven and hell. He states that these implants are put there by beings with Evil Intentions with the purpose of controlling you.

Without going into the legitimize of that, I have a question: If Hubbard is sitting there telling you what caused this idea of Heaven and Hell, how in the world is left up to the each individual person?  Can ANYONE out there answer that question for me?

It’s really a rhetorical question as the answer is self evident.  Hubbard is standing there telling you that these concepts of Heaven and Hell that people have are because of being implanted with the idea. Crazy?

That doesn’t tell you what Scientology’s View of God is though, does it?   It only tells you what it isn’t. So, ok you can throw out and concept of God that incudes anything to do with Heaven or Hell.  Boy, that narrowed the list didn’t.  What western Civilization Religion doesn’t have a concept of Heaven and Hell?

With that said, Hubbard never says that Jesus didn’t walk the Earth. In fact, he says he did.

Let’s move. In the “Hymn of Asia”, Hubbard begs the question: Am I Buddha?

Buddha was supposedly going to come back in 2500 years and finish his teachings. The Scientology Religion more closely resembles the Buddhist Religion than any other Religion out there.

I’m going to leave that right there as I’ll never get to the point of this whole article, which is “What is Scientology’s View on God?” if I don’t.

There are a few places Hubbard hints to who/what God is. In the Creed of the Church of Scientology, Hubbard states in the last line:

“And we of the Church believe that the spirit can be saved and that the spirit alone may save or heal the body”

Just think about that for a minute:

The spirit alone may save or heal the body.

What does that mean to you? It’s really a profound statement if you try to understand.  To me, it means it’s you and only you that save or heal the body. Not medicine. Not God. Not anything other than you as a spiritual body.

There are so many places in Scientology where he states over and over again the only thing being done to the spiritual being is by THAT spiritual Being.

It’s auditor terminology but the only list item acceptable is the item “me”

Who are what is causing that?  Me

Who or what is making you feel bad? Me

Who are what started that fire?  Me

It’s always “Me” and always will be “Me” in Scientology.  What does that mean?

It means that Scientology’s View of God is:

YOU are God.

Not only are you God but so is your neighbor and his neighbor and his neighbor. We are all Gods.

There are many approaches, I could have taken to get to this point. I didn’t do the upper Levels of Scientology even though I have a sense of the material that is there, I could have used some of that. But I wanted to stick to the material I absolutely KNOW about Scientology and use that to get this point across.

I know everything I type here comes from me, my knowledge and my own experience. I really want to say a strong felt statement here:


The only way that would ever happen is if someone found out you were ready for that kind of material and you would be given something.

Yes, There is material in Scientology that Earth is a prison planet and we were all sent here because we are rebels (can’t remember the exact wording as I type this but it’s there). Non-conformist is the wording.  Yep, Earth is a prison planet and we all came here because we are non-conformist. Now wouldn’t some person that feels like they don’t fit in anywhere just love to hear that! You bet!  And they would be given that information.

However, that information isn’t just going to be tossed out there for everyone and anyone to read or listen to.  It would run too many people away.

So basically, Scientology LIES. Scientology LIES their ass off and they do it consistently and systematic in order to feed you just enough information to keep you going in the subject.

It took me years to find out the above, Years. By that time, I was already in so deep I was like, “okay, I guess I’m just going to have to wait to get there before I realize that I am God”

I’m going to end this with one last quote:

“A soldier shot on the field of a battle may “blame” the sniper, the Selective Service, the stupidity of government BUT he nevertheless had full responsibility not only for being there and getting shot but for the sniper, Selective Service and the stupidity of government.”

That’s actually a quote by Hubbard in explaining what Responsibility is. in a sense, backs up what I am trying to say here regarding all this. There isn’t just one place you can and say “this is what their view is” you have to glean it by doing training in the subject and learning yourself.

Hopefully, I saved you some time.

I’m sure the powers that be in Scientology are pissed at me for saying the above and they are viewing me as being stuck in an implant.  I’m not. I just want the truth out there and the lies  about this subject to stop.

I will come back and modify it once I get further along in all this. By that time, maybe I will have come up with a better way of explaining it. For now, That is it.

I’m not sure I did a good Job on this topic but I tried, it’s sincere and, above all us, it’s comes from me.

thank you for reading.