What is Scientology?

What is Scientology?

No one can answer that in one of two sentences so you can understand it. NO ONE!

I am going to do by best on this site to give you an understanding of what Scientology is.  No, my goal is not to make you a Scientologist.  If that is what you chose though? It’s your choice.

I’m not going to lie to you about this subject. I’m going to give it to you straight. It will take me awhile to do this as I have to, not only figure out HOW to do that, I have to figure out the technology side, what order to put this all in and how to incorporate my story into all this and then there is the emotional side that goes with all this.

Here are a few things to get you started on what Scientology is:

  1. The Definition of Scientology is “knowing how to know” or “study of knowledge”. It is NOT “study of Science” or anything related to Science. It’s knowledge from the Latin term “Scio” meaning Knowledge.
  2. Scientology’s fundamental belief is that you are a spiritual being (called a Thetan). You are timeless and deathless. You have been around millions and millions of years and you are going to be around millions and millions of more years.
  3. Scientology’s view on God is a bit more complicated to explain. I will devote a whole page to this. What I will say here is that what you are told when you first enter the Church is NOT what you ultimately find to be the truth. Scientology explains it as the 8th dynamic and then says they leave it all up to you to figure out. If you follow Scientology to the end, the answer to the question “Who or what is God?” is “you”(there is no way Scientology is going to tell you that up front)
  4. In my opinion, it will take you at least a decade of being in Scientology to finally figure out what you have gotten yourself into. (that’s just sad)
  5. Dianetics is NOT Scientology. Dianetics focuses on things that were done TO you (but that changes with New Era Dianetics), Scientology focuses on what you have done and what YOU have done TO you.
  6. There is the “tech” side of Scientology (which is the religion of Scientology) and there is the “policy” side of Scientology (which is NOT the religious side of Scientology) and sometimes it’s very hard to determine the difference between the two. (I need to do a whole write up on this for it to be understandable).
  7. Disconnection is a REAL thing in Scientology no matter what anyone says or how they say it. It’s both part of the tech side of Scientology and the Policy side of Scientology. Don’t EVER let anyone tell you Disconnection doesn’t exist. (I will did  a write up at here that explains how this it actually happens)
  8. Scientology is very, very expensive. It is a pay as you go thing. If you don’t have the money for the training or the processing, you can’t advance. Period. Most expensive service in Scientology that I know are the L’s (they cost 10k per 12.5 hours of auditing time)
  9. In all my years of being in Scientology, I never came across the term “Xenu”. EVER! I am not going to say that Xenu isn’t part of the Scientology religion as I didn’t go all the way up the Bridge. I’m just saying I never, ever came across that term.  If it does exist, I would think it is on OT3 that you finally learn about it.
  10. I never came across “Body Thetans” either. It’s my understanding now that that is what is being Audited on OT 7. Supposedly, these “Body Thetans” are in your body and these things are the things that are keeping you from being you.  Idk, could be.Sounds crazy.  What’s crazy though is that with the Training I have in Scientology, I can see this being thing. One important thing to know is that Scientology says if you learn the advanced concepts of Scientology without being up to that level it can kill you so they keep some things very secret with punishment of excommunication if you release the advanced secrets. ( I’m including here a video here with someone that grew up in Scientology and someone who left Scientology after reaches the highest stages. It’s rather interesting.
  11. Scientology is a run like a military style business organization that thinks they have all the answers to life. Period. I will explain all this in due time.