The Basics

I want to talk about “The Basics” for a minute. Some people may not know what I’m referring to when I use that term, I’ll l get into that.
First though, I want to explain that I didn’t leave Scientology because I was declared. I was in good standing when I left the Church  I’m sure I’ve been declared by now but I really don’t care.
There were some issues going on when “The Basics” came out, The main one was someone at the local Church thought I was having an affair with a staff member’s wife. I wasn’t and even had Metered Ethics Interviews over it.
I wasn’t on Staff at the time, but I was a Professional Scientologist. I was the only one in the Field who survived totally on the income made by applying Scientology. I ran WISE course rooms. I don’t remember exactly how many I had going at this time. At my peak, I had about 10-12 going. I was being paid a minimum of $100 an hour.
Then the Basics came out. The Basics ruined all that and the entirety of my 22 years in Scientology blew up in smoke. I’m about to explain all that and why.
What are The Basics?

Here’s a the exact video that released the basics if you want to spend close to 3 hours watching it.

The Basics are the very fundamentals of Scientology. These are the fundamental bricks that this WHOLE subject is based on which makes them very, very important. Also, to put a time frame on them, it’s everything LRH released from 1948 to about 1955 (That’s important to know).
In the above video, Miscavige goes over the reason for lost Tech, which is simple enough, the misunderstood word. That is very simple. LRH explains that in a lecture talking about what the Qualifications division of a Scientology Org is about, They are the Founders Of Lost Tech.

At 6:00 MsCavige asks:
“what If I did sit you all down and did have you all word cleared and you did properly clear your misunderstood words? And what if I told you, Even if you did all that, you would still be confused, you would absolutely NOT get the data and the very tech you just studied would still be lost to you in terms of knowledge of and the application of the Pure LRH data?
Well, in fact, that is precisely what I am telling you.”

And he goes on to explain that it doesn’t matter what year you become a Scientologist the tech is lost to you.

What Miscavige is NOT telling you here is that LRH already had that information covered in the Study Tapes! Hubbard already knew and taught that the MATERIAL could be so badly communicated that no one would be able to understand it.

Please keep that in mind. That Miscavige is saying the exact same thing that Hubbard said in the Study Tapes back in 1964. 1964 mind you!
I do NOT have any the Study Tapes with me, I wish I could give you the exact tape and the exact wordage that LRH uses, but I am unable to do that. If I had them, I would look it up and put it right here for you.
I have listened to those tapes on numerous occasions: The Student Hat Course, the Mini Course Supervisor Course, The Professional Course Supervisor Course and the Professional Word Clearers Course. That’s 4 times. And I also had to be High Crimed on these tapes (that means I had to be word cleared and given a check out to make sure I fully understood them) because I was a Course Supervisor. Those tapes were my tools!

I will also add here, and it may seem like a diversion but it’s not. Those tapes had already been changed! It’s true! 
The Study Tapes and Student Hat were updated somewhere around ’88. After I had already listened to the tapes twice. I was on one of the Courses I mentioned above and had to listen to those tapes again. I listened to the new recordings but I used my old transcripts because I had some notes in them and, well, they were my transcripts and the tools of my job so I wanted to use my transcripts. Also note that the transcripts I’m referring to were Church issued transcripts just from earlier versions of the tapes.

Paragraphs were rearranged. Whole Paragraphs were taken out. Hell, at one point nearly a whole page was missing! And it was supposed to be an exact Transcript of an LRH leture that he had given back in the mid ‘60s.
One part that was completely taken out was LRH talking about “being close friends with Aleister Crowley”. Yes, LRH did say that but evidence of it was deleted. He may have said, “my good friend, Aleister Crowley….”
It was crazy to me that paragraphs would be rearranged but there it was. How the hell do you arrange paragraphs from a spoken lecture without missing a beat? I don’t know. But there it was! It was crazy to me to take out whole sections but there it was.
I was pissed about this back then. I was HOT! This isn’t supposed to be happening. Yea, I was like, “This is out KSW #1 and I’m writing it up!)
I wrote it all up to ED International and one of the Watch Dog Committee Chairs (I’m sorry it’s been so long I don’t remember which one).
ED International (yea, the one that is supposedly in the Hole right now) wrote me back and explained that the Study tapes had to be edited to help the newer Scientologists get along in Scientology and that the FULL LRH unedited versions of the Study Tapes were available on the St. Hill Special Briefing Course when the Student got there. He even gave some reference about giving people Scientology on a Gradient. Whatever. I bought it.

Okay, so you see I have some experience with this in the past but back to Miscavige and The Basics.
Miscavige quotes LRH saying, “Know your basics. They’re in our very oldest books. All advances have been how to handle the basics better
That’s the importance of this topic and these basics have been around since 1948 to about 1955.
LRH points out the importance of knowing the basics of a subject several times during the study tapes. Hell, he devotes a WHOLE 90 minute lecture to just that- the importance of knowing the fundamentals of a subject.
I’m not going to watch Miscavige again for nearly 3 hours. No F’n way. You can if you wish. A link to the video is right there for you to watch.

Basically, Miscavige is telling everyone at this event that The Basics, as put out by LRH and existed for about 36 years before LRH died, were incomprehensible. That no one was able to understand Scientology. Really! That is what he is saying! At one point he even says;

“Let me be blunt, NO, YOU ARE NOT STUPID!”

At about that point in the event, I was completely turned off. I really didn’t care what Miscavige had to say as all he was doing, to me, was invaliding LRH.
How was he doing that?

He was telling us that LRH didn’t know how to get a book published the way he wanted it published. Not only that but he couldn’t get it right in 36 years of trying!
I could go into many LRH references about doing things right. And I may list one or two.

But let me ask you a question:

If you felt you had the road map for all man kind and that road map started with the basic books and you knew that success with any subject began with having the basics of that subject down cold, Wouldn’t you make sure the basics of YOUR road map were able to be completely understood? You would, wouldn’t you?

How come LRH didn’t do that? How come he never found out in 30 something years that those books were NOT as he intended?
Hubbard says if you are going to do something do it as a professional, do it right and do it right the FIRST time. He also states in various places that the way to be overworked is NOT to do things right the first time.
That’s just a few things he states. I don’t have an LRH library anymore as I never intended to do a site like this and all my material has gotten lost in the shuffle of life. But, dammit, you don’t even need LRH refs that explain the attitude about getting things done right to understand how this is just one big freaking hoax!

Here’s one: If you wrote a book, are you going to read it to make sure the publisher and editor didn’t screw your book up? Damn right you are!!

Do you think LRH ever read any of those basic books after they were released?
Let’s say you don’t think he did. But he did.

Okay, Did you know those basic books are on courses taught in the Academy to train Auditors? Why would those books be on those checksheets to train Auditors if the information to train those auditors wasn’t in them?
Hubbard has said time and time again the toughest task he has had is getting an Auditor to Audit like him. If he really thought that and if he really thought that sometimes the material can be so confusing the student can’t understand it (The Study Tapes is the reference on that),

Don’t you think he would go back and LOOK at the material he released and which his students were being trained on to see if it actually SAYS HOW to Audit as he does?


This whole Basics thing is just so freaking illogical.

Do I have to bring up the Data Series and show more out points in Miscavige’s speech. I really don’t want to do that but I could.
Personally, I haven’t looked at any of the Basic Books that Miscavige released.
What he did totally defies logic and makes you think Hubbard was a totally inept guy that couldn’t produce a product. After all, Hubbard always said he was Author above all us.

But he can’t get a book out correctly?

Here’s a site that covers the difference between Hubbard’s material and that of Miscavige. I looked at some of it but, as I said, I’m not interested AT ALL.

So, I was at a crossroads, I had been a Supervisor for years at this point. I’m making my living being a Supervisor and now the Leader of the Church is telling me, you don’t understand the material and “no, you aren’t Stupid”, that LRH didn’t have the Basics of Scientology put out there in the format he intended and, well, I, Miscavige, fixed it.

I still get so pissed just thinking about it.

I started to think I was duped all these years. LRH says over and over HE is the one that put out all this material. No one else. We get so trained in not accepting any variation of his material and here is this man changing the whole freaking basics of this subject saying LRH didn’t know that the books were put out wrong.

I say there is NO WAY LRH didn’t know that those books were wrong. NO WAY! Period.

Too much of the whole future of Scientology is the hands of what is in those books. Too many auditors had been trained using those books and Auditor Training was at the top of Hubbard’s list in terms of importance.

So, what happened to me?

I was told to either believe Miscavige and support him or I couldn’t supervise any more Course Rooms.

That was my lively hood!!
I was told “you sure you want to keep this stance? Your eternity depends on it”
Yep, I’m sure! As your logic makes no freaking sense!

So, it was either Miscavige or Hubbard and my whole eternity depended on what I decided.

More than one person put it across to me like that. Not one person listened to what I had to say about this and even some started accusing me of Crimes because I woudn’t accept what Miscavige was saying as True.

My income was taken away! How was I going to eat?

I just couldn’t understand why Miscavige expected me to invalidate Hubbard the way he wanted me to. Really? The guy is an Author! That’s what he did, he wrote books!

You telling me he couldn’t put out a book correctly? But yet you expect me to believe that he has the answers for Total Freedom? But he can’t put out a book? How in the world can he have the answers to life?

(I have since done exactly what Miscavige wanted me to do here)

This is when I put together my list of reasons why I left the Church. I knew all the things on that list before the Basic came out, but this got me to put them all down on a piece of paper and LOOK at them, look at the things I had seen in the Church the previous 22 years. I didn’t even list the Bullshit that happened to me as a staff member which I will get to in my story.

I lost faith that this Scientology stuff was all created by only ONE man. That’s the only thing that Hubbard asks you to have faith in, that it was him and him alone that rose above the bank to figure this all out. Totally lost faith in that.
I lost faith in that He found a path to freedom, That he knew what was up with Man and totally lost faith with anything having to do with Scientology and finding the answers to life.

I packed up my belongings, put them in a U Haul, cancelled my Phone number, left no forwarding address and got the hell out of town.

I knew how to leave! No one was going to be able to find me!

I found out what a real deep dark depression really felt like.
I felt betrayed and still do, actually.
I lost all HOPE for a better tomorrow.

That “fixed dedicated glare” I had for over 2 decades turned into the deepest darkest sadness I ever felt in my life.

I don’t want to write about that right now. Makes me sad still.