My Training

This is a list (hopefully complete) of the training I completed while I was active in Scientology:

(note: I will explain every single one of these in due time)

Student Hat

Professional Training Routines (3 times)

Method One

Professional Course Supervisor (Trained at Flag in Clearwater through Mini Course Supervisor and later became Pro)

Professional Word Clearer

Cramming Officer (there really wasn’t a Cramming Officer Course, I had to High Crime the Cramming Series and that is how that came to be)

Data Series Evaluator’s Course

Staff Status 1 and 2

Org Exec Course Vol 0

Org Exec Course Vol 4

Executive Status One Course

Key to Life Course and Key to Life Supervisor Course

Life Orientation Course and Life Orientation Supervisor Course

PTS/SP Course (3 times) including the Golden Age of Tech version

Purification In Charge Course

Purification Case Supervisor Course

Route to Infinity Course (yep, I went to the Ship)

Ethics Specialist Course (Golden Age of Tech)

Dissemination Course

Field Staff Member Course

Auditor Training through Class IV (note: I never did an internship this will become important in the late 90’s when I was in Nashville Tennessee)

Financial Planning Course (yes, I know how the finances of the Church work)

I also, intentionally, left off the smaller courses as, truthfully, all that material would be included in some part of the training I have mentioned above)

Yes, that is a lot of training. There are many people more trained and more experience but that above is a LOT of training. 

My posts:

Promotion and Marketing Director (I know I did a course on this, I just can’t remember the name of it)

Technical Training Corps (twice)

Div 4 Lead Course Supervisor

Cramming Officer

Key to Life Supervisor and Life Orientation Course Supervisor

Organization Executive Secretary (over Divisions 3,4 and 5)

Executive Director (over the entire Local Church)