My Reasons for Leaving Scientology

When I left, I knew HOW:  I moved to another state, leave no forwarding address and abandoned all contacts I had known for 25 years. 

I didn’t want them to come looking for me, which I knew they would if they could locate me. 
Life has been very hard since that time, It’s freaking tough starting over in your mid 40’s and you have no contacts but family, no job, no skills outside of Scientology, no friends and no past that you can bring up.
But I’m fine.
If you read this, it’s going to be hard as I didnt change the Scientology terms in it so the layman could understand ( I will get to that in due time); however, I will answer any questions about this list that anyone has. 
I left the church in good standing however since that time I have been told I was declared a suppressive person by the church as I have spoken out against them.  It’s definitely a “no-no” to be doing what I’m doing on this here website. I have never seen an official declare but I really don’t care.

(I wrote this on 28 Mar 2009 sometime after I had left the Church for good, I will refine it and make it more clear):

My Reasons:
I decided to list the individuals and situations that led to me to come to the conclusion that Scientology does not produce the desired end product of “Cause Over Life”.

The things I list here are things that were DIRECTLY in my life. I didn’t list things I found out about later.

(In most cases, I left off the names on purpose)

1.(1986) 2 OV II’s in my area. Yea. 2 of them. 1 of them got ill. No Doctor could figure out what the disease was. He went back and forth to Flag for handling but the disease stayed. He flew all over the planet going to specialist Doctors but no one ever figured it out and he died. I put the date as this was the earliest example I could come up with.

2.A recent OTV completion arrived at the Org. How recent? He just completed. He was a complete basket case! He didn’t know his name, where he was or anything. He was throughly fucked up. He died.

3.One of my students that was Clear was a pedophile (yea word wasn’t used much back then). He couldn’t stop his activity. The Org knew about it but wouldn’t report him to police so he was put on the PTS/SP course. While on the PTS/SP, he was smashed between 2 cars and was killed. It had to have been an awful death as he was just standing there from what I understand.

4.This is a long one and I have to be careful here. 2 Clears involved. 1 an OEC/FEBC Grad and the other an ex RTC Rep and still in the SO. The SO member was married with 2 kids. Long story short, they go out 2D. Staff members find out about this and instead of coming clean these 2 decide to hide their overt and start getting good staff members declared. I can count 4 very good staff members that were declared before these 2 were found out.

5.See above

6.OT V crashes a commercial plane into the Potomac River killing everyone aboard, including himself. I think there were over 150 involved but I do not remember.Larry Wheaton was actually OTVII per what I have read now and 69 people died in the plane crash. 

7.A different OT V crashed a small private jet killing himself and his business partner. The OT V didn’t have a license to fly a jet with a passenger resulting in his wife being sued by his business partner’s wife. I don’t know how that law suit ended up. Seems really wrong lawsuit to me, why sue the wife?

8.The wife of the OTV above is also Clear. She is now raising 2 kids on her own and has a million dollar a year business to handle plus the lawsuit. She gets breast cancer and dies.

9.There was a rege that just couldn’t rege. Go figure. An OT V decided to help her out. He was also a local Mission Holder. He is married to a Cl VIII, OT VII so it seems like things or on the up and up. Well, that rege never got any better and he soon moved off. In fact, he deserted his Mission and left town with his wife. A little later on he sent that rege a letter which stated, and you are not going to believe this, in his own words “I only wanted to fuck you in the ass is the only reason I was helping you on your post” He sent this letter to apologize to her. Yea, well, thanks for the help.

10.A prominent business man, who is a Clear and had done all 3 L’s. He had just gotten back from Flag 2-3 days before from completing his L’s. All 3 now. He went to the rest room while at work and passed out on the floor. He had an aneurysm. He was rushed to the hospital, he was put on life support and a couple of VM’s did assist on him for 2 days but he was beyond brain dead and was taken off life support.

11.Lisa Mcpherson

 yea, I knew Lisa Mcpherson very well. Her situation is well documented online so I am not going to rehash this one.

12.A prominent SO rege, who brings in tons of money who is also an OTV is dieing from Liver failure. He may be dead now as far as I know.

13.An SO member who is Clear leaped across the table at a product conference and grabbed a guy around his throat and told him to shut up.

14.A person auditing on OT VII was visiting brothels in Nevada. He eventually picked one out to marry and got her away from the brothel so they could marry.

15.An OT VII completion, I had as a student was so messed up I couldn’t get him to do standard TR’s and metering and therefore couldn’t graduate him on the levels. (please note: I averaged close to 3 auditors a week as a supe so for me to not be able to get someone through was kind of fucked up and he was at top of the freaking bridge!)

16.A Clear who had the biggest study bug of anyone in the entire Org. despite all the handlings in qual, etc. he just couldn’t study. He had EVER handling in the book.

17.A professional FSM who was also an OT V completion was not paying child support to his ex wife. (and still hasn’t to my knowledge). The Church is actually protecting him from his ex wife as she is semi scientologist so is being told she can’t sue him for back child support. She wouldn’t get on course because of this situation.

18.A Grade IV completion and NED DRD completion who just wouldn’t quit drinking and going out 2D. So many handlings were done on this woman that I just couldn’t list them all. She just would not stop drinking and going out 2d on her husband no matter what. She even signed and joined the SO for a short time. She was Fitness boarded out of the SO out due to her drinking as she would be drinking while on post. Now, this wasn’t just that she completed the NED DRD, this is because of ALL the handlings that were done on her, all the corrections, all the ethics, etc. etc. etc.

19.An OT V that is currently in jail over finance issues. This is not Reed Slatkin but someone else.

20.Reed Slatkin (he is all over the internet too so I won’t go into him)

21.2 SO members, 1 a Clear the other an OTV, Class VIII C/S. The Class VIII goes out 2D with a public Scientologist low on the Bridge and hides it from his wife and kids. He ends up committing all kinds of out tech, etc, etc. and he is eventually gets declared. The wife blows and moves very far away. She never gets declared or any handling as far as I know.

22.A new and I mean Golden Age of Tech new OT VIII completion always wanted to join the SO. She couldn’t because her husband wouldn’t go with her. She finally gets the okay from the husband and goes into the SO at Flag. She doesn’t last 2 weeks and is fitness boarded out. It is such a flap as it is well known that she had always wanted to join the SO and she is well known around the base, that she is told she can’t come to the base for a year so as not to enturbulate anyone. I list this as to me for an OT VIII not to be able to make it in the Sea Org just shows what kind of product is actually being attained.

23.2 OT VII’s involved here, one is auditing OT VII and is working his ass off while his wife stays at flag doing the OT levels and not working. He has her an apartment, car, pays the all the bills and her auditing too. Once she makes it to OTVII she wants a divorce. So fucked up to me. He pays for all that and gets her auditing on VII and NOW she wants a divorce, well FUCK HER and whatever kind of ethics are being taught at flag.

24.OT VII being sued for running Wise course room at work. I mean come on if you are OT why the heck can’t you run a course room at work? She ends up settling so that this doesn’t go to court with the potential of taking down Wise in the USA. I do not know WHO was running the course room but I do know for a FACT why she settled out of court.

25.A Clear and all the 3 L’s completion with a person auditing on the Golden Age of Tech OT VII as course supervisor get sued for running a course room in the business. This course room was being run for a long time by someone that was not even Clear with never even a whisper of a possible lawsuit. Bring in this OT VII as the Supe and what you get? A freaking Lawsuit. Yep. Cause over life.

26.This next one is the most fucked up one and IS the one that really, really got me to start looking. The wife is a Golden Age of Tech OT VIII completion. Yep, top of the Bridge. He is auditing on GAT OT VII. The wife is also a Class IV auditor. They have 2 kids.
He goes out 2D with a wog that works for him. The OT VIII is completely pissed by this understandably. Now, years of 2D handlings start and I mean years! Ethics Specialist Course, 2D co audit, etc. etc. etc. The 2D cannot be mended. They get a divorce. They are at the TOP of the freaking BRIDGE! The wife moves to Clearwater with the kids. Now, this gets interesting. This OT VIII cannot control the kids! She cannot handle them and they are out of control and driving her mad. Chaplin cycle after Chaplin cycle and what was finally decided was that the OTVII dad would take the kids, raise them and get them into private school where he lives while the OT VIII mom stays in Clearwater. But wait, the best part, since the OT VII1 is supposed to be paid child support the OT VII dad has to continue paying this unable OTVIII mom the child support and he was ordered to do so by the Chaplin at FLAG! How about that for fucked up. I suppose the idea here is to protect that this GAT OT VIII completion is completely unable to handle just about anything in freaking life so, yea, continue paying that money and no you can’t go to court and seek custody as that would be suing another Scientologist. So fucked up.

27.A female Clear that was on staff and married to another Clear who was on staff ends up going out 2D with a wog she picked up at a dancing joint. She gets a divorce and marries this wog.

28.2 GAT OT VII’s who are married to 2 other GAT OT VII’s go out 2D and destroy both marriages. Nice.

29.Clear doing his OT Elig at AOLA, He and I had just talked about what are opinion was on what a Thetan produces in life, we came up with “theta”. Whether or not that is the correct product it was a great comm cycle. He is doing his Elig every day but 3 days after our comm cycle he wakes up tired and is dead by the end of the day. (wow, someone going to say it was out-list now?)

30.Another Clear and good friend doing OT Elig when it was found he was having affairs on his wife. Many of them. He was told to stop and he said “No” He will just get a divorce if that was the Out Ethics so he could his OT Levels. His think was he could go screw everyone he wanted if he wasn’t married and it wouldn’t be viewed as Out ethics. Anyway, messed up think and he finally just disappeared.

31.Jeremy Perkins. Yea, that situation entered my life to so I included it. This is a very sad story. grab the kleenex before you start reading it.

32.A Clear with all 3 L’s could not study or doing any work at his business because he has sleep apnea. This became a major situation as he had 2 daughters in the SO and the daughters blamed this on the local church for not handling his sleep apnea. I mean the dude would be working hard and then just fall asleep, totally out of the blue.

33.An OT V wanted to go off and get onto OVI but had to go to Tokyo before heading to Flag. While in Tokyo he could not stay away the prostitutes. This was found out on his OT Elig and he was kicked off the base at Flag.

34.A particularly gruesome one here: A GAT OT VII riding her bike with another OT,He was OT V , get run over and dies by the wife of a high level politician.

35.A Clear that has continues epileptic seizures.

 I have names for each and everyone of the people above. Of course, OSA is going to say “look at that SP speaking in generalities”.So what. Go ahead and say that. I feel totally confident I am not an SP, why? You have no idea how much handling I have had because I thought I WAS an SP. TONS AND TONS AND TONS.

I have also done the PTS/SP course 3 freaking times and the Ethics Specialist Course (once on that one). I know in my heart that I mean ONLY the best for every Man, Woman and Child on this planet and I know this as I have inspected my intentions via auditing, via post and my day to day activity.

I was never once considered a down stat or stat crasher. Not freaking Once!

I made auditors as I thought that was the way to better this civilization and mankind. I was PASSIONATE about making auditors each and every freaking day. Many of them are still auditing today actually.

I have personally recruited over 25 Sea Org Members without even being in the Sea Org. Many are still there and many are on Exec Posts. I was on the Honor Roll of the IAS for signing people up.

SO THERE! BITCH call me an SP

Wow, why am I so pissed?

I think I am pissed as I was looking at all the above and then guess what happens?


I might have ended up drawing another conclusion as to stay in or not but those DAMN BASICS!

Now I have to go from having total faith in LRH to having total faith in David Miscavige?  Well,“FUCK THAT!”

Anyway, the above and the basics ARE my personal reasons for “hanging it up”.