My Guidelines

I have to lay down some ground rules because:

1)    I am bearing my soul here.

2)    I am setting myself up to be attacked by the Church of Scientology, Scientologists and, even, the Anti-Scientologists by doing this.

3)    There are people out there who dissect every little thing down to the very smallest minute detail (yes, I wrote that that way on purpose)  just to find something to criticize.

4)    People just absolutely love to Judge.

Here are my rules:

1.    I will not tolerate any bashing or hammering of me while I tell my story. This is going to be hard enough as it is and I do not need or want any of that.

2.    Scientology bash all you want but, honestly, I am not here for that. Just don’t Lie about it.

3.  I have enough training and I have trained enough Auditors (close to 500) and staff members to understand what Scientology is or isn’t. Besides of my 22 years experience in, I have answered questions about Scientology all my life for both Scientologists and Non-Scientologists. If you honestly feel I have mis-interperted something, you can send me a private message.

4.    Do not come here and lie your ass off about Scientology and it’s concepts.  Bash it all you, ask questions all you want but DO NOT LIE. I just won’t freaking tolerate it!

6.    If you do care to have more of an in-depth conversation about Scientology than what I have written. I am more than willing to have a conversation, you can send me an email, message me on facebook or twitter.

7.   I really don’t mean this guideline to appear me or anything like that. I know this can be an emotional subject for all involved.  But, man, with the way the Ex-Scientology community is, I just had to lay down some guide lines. Just be courteous and respectful. That’s not too much to ask.