To My Friend, Lisa McPherson

This is for and to my friend, Lisa Mcpherson , any Ex-Sea Org Members as well as any Sea Org Members out there that may read this (yes, there’s something you can learn from this). 
I meet Lisa Mcpherson early on in my Scientology days. She was the Public Contact Secretary when I first signed up and she even got me to try my hand at selling Dianetics books door to door. Lisa, how could I say “no” to you?  You were so enthusiastic about me doing this and you had such a lovely smile, I had to say, “okay”. I hated it though, Lisa, but you knew that once I got back and you handled me so well. 
She and I were on Staff together when I was the Course Supervisor then she signed up with the Sea Org and was on staff at Celebrity Centre International.
Though I was never best friends with Lisa we were definitely friends. I knew most of her entourage even when she moved off to Flag. Again, we were on staff together, I supervised her through a few courses when she was on staff. We sat next to each other at the infamous “War is Over” event in Oct ’93 (that’s when Scientology became fully tax exempt).

Lisa, I will never forget you jumping out your seat so excited about the tax exemption, leaving me sitting there wondering what to do, so I stood up all excited too yet not fully understanding what just transpired. Hell, I had never had to pay taxes in my life. You were probably wondering why isn’t this boy all excited too.

A couple of years later, I supervised her through the “Key to Life” and the “Life Orientation” Courses. I really got to know you then, Lisa. 
I was the Executive Director in Dallas when she died. I’ll never forget getting that call from Benetta Slaughter and then having to inform Lisa’s friends about her death. Such a sad day.
I have to use and “aside” here to stress a point about how Scientologists view things. When I sat her best friend in the area down to inform him of Lisa’s death, he’s response was, while crying and slamming his hand on the table really hard, “Why did she have to do that!?!”
This is NOT a knock on that person at all, at all! He’s a very good guy! It just helps illustrate how a Scientologist views that a person is totally responsible for their own condition.
Guys, this is HARD to write up! I’m taking a walk. I will be back to finish this.
I’ve thought about Lisa many times since I left the Church 10 years ago. Examining how I viewed her death back then and how my view has changed over time. It’s really interesting the changes one goes through when you aren’t in the Church anymore.
I’m not going to get much into the situation surrounding her death. Nor, am I going to get the deep talks we had about Scientology, life and livingness. Except one.
I don’t know what occurred with her while she was in the Sea Org and, you know, it doesn’t even really matter. There is this though, when Lisa returned after leaving the Sea Org, she and I had a few discussion about her being a “degraded being”.
For those of you who don’t know, whenever a person leaves the Sea Org they are declared a degraded being. That’s per L. Ron Hubbard.

HCO PL 12 Oct 67
“Sea Org Resignations”

“Any person resigning from the Sea Org is not to be employed in any Scn Org ever as they are out-ethics cases and pcs (DB’s).”
*DB’s there means “degraded being”
Now, for those of you who are new to this subject, I’m sorry but I may be typing things here you won’t understand and I’m not, this time, going to explain everything. The people that might find this information useful will know what these terms mean.
What is a degraded being? Let’s take a look:

HCO B 22 Mar 67 “Alter-is and Degraded Beings”

“A degraded being is not a suppressive as he can have case gain. But he is so PTS that he works for suppressives only. He is sort of a super-continual PTS beyond the reach, really, of a simple S&D and handled only at Section III OT Course.
Degraded beings, taking a cue from SP associates, instinctively resent, hate and seek to obstruct any person in charge of anything or any Big Being.
Anyone issuing sensible orders is the first one resented by a degraded being. A degraded being lies to his seniors, avoids orders covertly by alter-is, fails to comply, supplies only complex ideas that can’t ever work (obstructive) and is a general area of enturbulence, often mild seeming or even “cooperative,” often even flattering, sometimes merely dull, but consistently alter-ising or noncomplying.
This datum appeared during higher-level research and is highly revelatory of earlier unexplained phenomena-the pc who changes commands or doesn’t do them, the worker who can’t get it straight or who is always on a tea break.
In an area where suppression has been very heavy for long periods, people become degraded beings. However, they must have been so before already due to track incidents.
Some thetans are bigger than others. None are truly equal. But the degraded being is not necessarily a natively bad thetan. He is simply so PTS and has been for so long that it requires our highest-level tech to finally undo it after he has scaled up all our grades.
Degraded beings are about eighteen to one over Big Beings in the human race (minimum ratio). So those who keep things going are few. And those who will make it without the steam of the few in our orgs behind them are zero. At the same time, we can’t have a world full of them and still make it. So we have no choice.”

Lisa knew she was declared a degraded being. Anyone leaving the Sea Org is declared a degraded being per the reference above. She was upset by this and couldn’t understand how she was a degraded being and talked to me about this. This was before she got back on lines and before doing the Key to Life and Life Orientation Course.

How in the world do you respond to someone upset at being considered a degraded being by their OWN religion? It’s not freaking easy!!

Man, your own Religion calling you a “degraded being” so pisses me off right now. Wouldn’t that be like a Christian Minister telling one of his parishioners that they were Lucifer? Hard to see a difference. It really is.

There is a reference that talks about the Sea Org having such a high purpose (Remember, these guys think they work on ALL 8 dynamics) that it can never be replaced. So, when a person leaves he/she has to constantly work on a lower purpose and not as many Dynamics. That is what constitutes them being a degraded being. I don’t know where that reference is anymore.

I had my own experiences with this too, going from a full-time Professional Scientologist to a no body with no friends. Hard to replace the purpose Scientology gives you (and the “friends” you had for that matter)
That is what I used to help Lisa at the time but it kept coming up over and over. I’m not sure how many times we talked about it. I really didn’t know what to say, just be there for her and listen.
She was more concerned with the “Alter-is and degraded being”  reference mentioned above and it just kept caving her in. I’m not even going to try to explain that reference but, damn, it’s tough be told you’re a degraded being and know of that reference. Damn tough. What do I do  Tell her? “LRH is wrong, fuck him, your powerful, you know it and you don’t need him”?

Probably should have but that never crossed my mind.
I recently was perusing the stuff online regarding Lisa and I came upon this(which lead to me writing all this up):
Lisa writes on 15 Nov 1995(3 days before the car accident that landed her in isolation):
“I know it is no coincidence I am here with a number of other blown SO members.”
She is STILL caught up in this designation of being a degraded being even after attesting to Clear and L-12!!
How fucked up is that?!?
Lisa was one of the, if not the, Highest producers at AMC publishing. She was making well over 100K a year. She was at Flag, finished L-12, attested to Clear. She was living a Scientologist Dream! Yet, here she is 3 days before the accident that was the beginning of the end for her saying, “I know it is no coincidence I am here with a number of other blown SO members.”

You know what’s on her mind, it’s that degraded being declaration and she’s even trying to take responsibility for it with the “I know it’s no coincidence” 

And right now, this very second typing this, I’m PISSED OFF!! It’s just WRONG! TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLY F’N WRONG!

*took another walk*

Here is what I have to say to my friend:

“Lisa you aren’t and never have been a degraded being.

You were a productive member of society, very productive member. Not many can say they bring in 150k a year. Sure, you had problems. We all do. That’s one of the things that makes life, life.
If it’s true, that we are all immortal beings, timeless and deathless, I’m positive you are gearing yourself up right now for a very productive life. One thing I hear all the time is, and you probably have to,  ‘don’t worry about what people think about you’ and that, my friend, is my best words of advice.

You have such a good heart, I saw it in you many times. It was that good heart that got you to join staff, It was that good heart that got you to get me to go sell Dianetics Books (which I hated by the way) and eventually lead me to being an Executive Director of a Scientology Org (I was a good one too, YOU helped create that!) , it was that good heart that got you to join the Sea Org and it was that same good heart that got you to being such a productive member at AMC (I’m sure that could that have been anywhere though). Never, ever forget you have a good heart, anyone that thinks otherwise or tells you otherwise is just being a fool! Too me, you are and have always been a Big Being”

If the things that happened to her, where happening right now, I will tell her the following but this is really meant for you, the reader of this:

I have written up that I don’t think the Tech works. With that said the best way I can describe how that degraded being status acts upon an ex Sea Org member is by using Scientology Tech Terms (sorry, it’s what I know): it acts as a WRONG ITEM because it IS a wrong item. Wrong items can wreck an awful lot of havoc on someone. As it did my friend, Lisa. Sometimes a person just can’t get it out their mind. Their just so focused on that damn wrong item. 
How many EX Sea Org Members are reading this and know exactly what I am talking about? Probably every single one of you.
Guys, You are NOT a degraded being, not now, not then, not EVER! Nor will you EVER be in the future. But some how this “spell” has to be broken. I don’t know what else to call it other than a “spell”

Even though the Official Church statement on that Billion Year Contract is that it’s “symbolic”.

You and I know it’s not.

The Sea Org Motto is “We Come Back” for reason.

You don’t have to though. You don’t have to go on accepting this “wrong item” that you’ve been labeled and you don’t have to “Come Back”.
Free yourself. As a Spiritual Being, Free yourself.
Download this “Cancellation of Sea Org Contract”, sign it in front of witnesses and have them sign it. The wording, I came up with. What’s important though is that you some how, some way, any how, any way, 
Set yourself free from the wrong Condition assignments, the wrong justice actions, the wrong items and, most importantly, free yourself from the Sea Org. You owe it to yourself.

What I have written here comes directly from my heart to you.  It’s taken me 10 long, long years after leaving Scientology to get to this point.

I’m signing that Contract. Will you?

I wish you nothing but the best in Journeys.