First Things First

You might have already figured out that this is very personal Website.  I, Danny Ramsey, have written and will be writing every single word read.

Yes, that is my REAL facebook page. You can send me a friend request if you wish or send me a message there or whatever.  I’ m making myself known as I just refuse to hide behind a website and tell the Truths about (or try to explain the concepts of) this HUGE freaking subject called “Scientology” while being completely anonymous.

Yes, I know Scientology has a history of lashing out and attacking those that due what I am doing. Honesty, I’m not afraid of them.

I started putting this together because Scientology, having been such a huge part of my life, is so rarely understood by people, that I have had try to keep it as a hidden part.

I have been out of Scientology for a little over 10 years and I cannot count the number of times that I told someone I had been involved, only to lose a potential friend. It’s sad, really, but at the same time, it is what it is.

I have even been screamed and yelled out because I mentioned my involvement, telling me I was a Satan worshiper.

The second reason, which is probably the cause of the first reason, is that there is just so much bullshit out there on what Scientology is. Most of the crap out there is either totally fiction or so completely embellished that it doesn’t even come close to helping anyone know the truth.

People take this subject, twist it, turn it inside out, lie about it, take it out of context and do all kind of other things with it, while trying to get people to attack it.

This doesn’t help anyone understand this subject.

Some of this is done by Ex Members who have only one intention: Get Scientology attacked by as many people as possible, No matter what it takes to obtain that. I wrote about this on my “don’t lie” post.

At the same time, Scientology lies about this itself. It does!

Scientology lies about itself to obtain to new members. Scientology sees this as just using acceptable “PR” but I’m calling them what they are, LIES.

It makes the whole thing just a complete mess and a complete mystery to most people. When it doesn’t have to be.

I will be sharing with you, what I did, what I saw, how I did it and WHY, etc. etc. with no embellishment. I will give my opinion at times, I don’t know when or where. I will give them though.

I spent 22 years of my life in Scientology, mostly on staff. No, I wasn’t a high-ranking Sea Org member. But I worked my ass off for that organization too.

I have done lots of training and have trained lots of Auditors (close to 500 to be exact) as a Course Supervisor. I have trained LOTS of people on what Scientology is  and I intend to, while use my Scientology Training, impart this subject to you as best as I can with the resources that I have.

I have been the head of 2 Scientology Organizations as their Executive Director in two different states (Texas and Tennessee).

I am very qualified to write everything I will be writing on this website.

One thing I promise, which is a promise a Course Supervisor makes to his students in Scientology:

“I will never lie to, deceive or misdirect you concerning Scientology. I will be honest at all times about it with you”

It’s going to be hard at times to keep that promise as this is going to be one HUGE freaking emotional roller coaster ride!

It’s kind of crazy that I’m doing this this, I decided long ago I wasn’t going to devote my life to taking Scientology down. That is not my purpose for this. It’s just not. I don’t see any fulfilment coming by having as one’s total intention the complete destruction of something.

What I wish to obtain from this is more of understanding for myself of what I went through, for others to obtain more of an understanding of this subject and for others to know more about me.

Do I feel Scientology should be taken down, the answer to that is an emphatic, ‘YES!”

Any Organization that lies about itself, and gets its members to lie for it, as much as Scientology does, Should not be allowed to remain in existence because it is constantly falsely representing itself. (I highly doubt my stance on that opinion is going to change as I put this site together).

I’m going to shoot it to as straight as I possibly can. Which brings me to the next topic. How to freaking do this?

I have enough Scientology training to know that I can figure this out. it’s just that I haven’t yet. There are two parts to this: (1) how to give you the Scientology information so you understand and (2) the technical side.

The first one, I don’t feel I have an issue with; however, there is the issue of me getting all caught up in my emotions as I write and thus not imparting this information clearly. So, with that said, you may find I go back and revise things often.

The Technical side is something I am going to be learning as I go along.  I don’t know this stuff. I know Scientology.  Sometimes, I feel Scientology is all I know.

I have spent the last week writing things about Scientology and telling a little about My Story while trying to figure out HOW to do this in an orderly fashion so I don’t confuse you. Here’s is what I have come up with:

My Story is going to be in “posts”.  These are things that you read that you can comment on.  The information about Scientology is going to be in “pages”. These are things you are NOT going to be able to comment on. I know, It would be good to comment on the Scientology pages but right now with my understanding of using this tech stuff, I don’t know how to make that possible and keep my story line separate.

My Story will ALWAYS be on the right column of each “post” and “page” on this site with a menu for each section. The top item of each menu will be the first part and the bottom will be the last.

I’m also going to create an “About Me” page so you can find out about me.  You would think you could do that through facebook. You can but NOT really.  If that makes any sense to you.

I felt the above information was important enough to make it page. I hope it’s where the majority of people will start.

Thank You, Danny