Early Days on Staff

After leaving my job, gathering my things, moving into an apartment with 2 other male staff members and starting work as a full-time staff member, the thought that kept coming into my head over and over was, “What the hell have I done? “

It was definitely a tough schedule:
We left the apartment at about 8am in a van that transported us. There wasn’t that many, maybe 8 at most. There was a kitchen area at the Center, we would arrive about 8:30, in time for us to have about a 15 minute breakfast before having a “muster” at 8:45.
(*muster is just a gathering of the staff to ensure we were all in attendance before we started out on our daily activity, there wasn’t much to it actually).
After muster most people headed for the coffee machine! Lol, I think that is funny. People who were due on course at 9am definitely wanted their coffee.
For those of you that don’t know must of the activity in a Scientology Center revolves around the schedule of that course room. Our schedule was:
9am to 1030am
1045am to 1200pm
1pm to 330pm (staff had to gather for another muster at 12:45)
345pm to 6pm
7pm to 830pm (staff had to gather for another muster at 6:45—more staff were at this Muster)
845pm to 10pm
*van left back to apartment at 1030pm I think.
You were either on course or you were “on post” (doing your job) at all times during those hours. (12 1/2 hours a day) 
I was amazed to see how many staff read books. Staff were reading books all the time, breakfast, lunch, dinner and after post.
I read some books after post for the first few weeks: I read: “History of Man”, “Hymn of Asia”, “Have you lived before this life “. Not going to say I understood those books then but I did read them. The favorite book I read during this time was “Johnathan Livingston Seagull”, that’s a great book, if you haven’t read it, I recommend it, it’s a short book.
I was put on course a lot in order to get me up to being a permanent staff member. To do that you have to get through Staff Status 2.
Staff status 0 is very short, it’s just running around finding different locations in the center. This takes less than  2 hours for sure.
Staff Status 1 is a little longer but  it can be done in a couple of days at the most.
Staff Status 2 is the kicker. That’s were you learn about being a staff member. And it’s where the Course Supervisor starts getting tougher on you.
I remember thinking I was never going to make it past “Keeping Scientology Working #1”.

My first check out on that thing, I got flunked when he asked me the definition of “keeping”! I had to go back and read all 8 pages again, then another word at top of the page, had to go read it again, then again, and again. OMG I was ready to kill that supervisor.
While I was on Staff Status 2, I was working in the “Promotion and Marketing Department” We had a Mimeo machine, I learned to use that and Mimeo’d a lot of HCOB’s and HCOPLs.
We had an old printing press that I learned to use. That thing had to have been from the ‘40s or ‘50s but man, it sure was cool learning how to work that thing. I printed up most of the promotional pieces for the week, and all the envelopes and letter head the staff were using, stuff like that.
There was also an addresso machine there. Yep, with the metal plates and such. I learned how to use that. I wasn’t very good at that thing but I did learn how to use it.
I liked running the press though and printing off HCOBs and HCOPLs on the mimeo machine. I felt like I was doing something to help the staff.

Now, with all that said, don’t go thinking I was “peachy king”, I wasn’t!

I continually questioned my decision to join staff. CONTINUALLY.
I would go on walks during lunch and dinner and talk to God, asking him if I made the right decision, asking for a sign.

What I kept getting back was “what I’m involved in is either the absolute truth or Hubbard is the biggest liar on planet earth and may even be the devil. Go find out!”
It was tormenting me. I had to find out though, so I kept going. However, I had those conversations with God all the time. Constantly. 2,3,4 times a week. No one ever knew I was out walking during lunch and dinner and even sometimes after post having those conversations.
After I got “mini-hatted” for the Promotion and Marketing Director Post. I was set to begin my first Major Service in Scientology.

The Purification Rundown.

I was scared to start that thing. It wasn’t that I had down so much ecstasy and smoked so much pot that scared me, The actual thought in my mind was that I was being sent through some sort of hell and once I get through this, if I get through this, there is no turning back.
The Purification Rundown was one big, long, drawn-out ecstasy trip for me. My pupils stayed dilated the whole entire time on that thing and I was ALWAYS one horny mo fo. Yep, that was the Purification for me. No, I didn’t die. *phew*
I quit smoking too! Well, for a little while.
What was decided while I was on the Purif is that I was going to be sent off to Flag to train as a Course Supervisor. You guys want me to be a Course Supervisor? Yep. We sure do.
Less than a week after I had finished that Purif I was put on a plane to Clearwater to train up to be a Course Supervisor. It was early Jan 1986. I was expected back by early May.

Scientology targets are always so way off.