Don’t Lie

I took at little break from this. I needed it. Besides dealing with the emotion involved in writing this stuff up, there’s the figuring out HOW to write it up all up. HOW to impart this information so that EVERYONE can understand it. This is NOT a complicated subject, it’s just that there is a LOT to it and there are so many lies and so many opinions about it out all over the Internet that it GETS made to be confusing.
It’s okay with me if you don’t believe a word I write. Hey, In Scientology’s eye I have hidden crimes and that it the reason I’m doing this. Yep, that is how the actions I’m taking by writing all this are viewed from a Scientology prospective.
I have stated why I’m doing this. Sometimes you just get tired of hiding yourself and your past from folks and just feel like speaking out and letting people get to know you.
It’s that and all the lies out there on this Subject. The lies are massive and make it seem that anyone who was involved in Scientology is a total creep.
Like what Leah Remini and Mike Rinder did on their Show “Scientology: The Aftermath”. Leah tried to pass it off that Scientology condones pedophilia and even promotes it by using one obscure sentence out of the millions maybe even billions of sentences Hubbard said on the subject of Scientology.
I’m going to explain this even though my blog is NOT fully set up from someone to read this page and totally GET that Scientology doesn’t condone such a thing. It’s on my mind so I’m going to write about it.
I’m not sure that this lie didn’t start with Tony Ortega. He tells so many lies about the Scientology it isn’t even funny anymore, However, what boggles my mind is that both Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are okay with you thinking that an organization they have been a part of for most of their lives condones such a thing. Though you can have any opinion your heart desires about me, I’m not okay with someone thinking I’m such a creep I condone pedophiles. That’s freaking messed up to me.
What kind of person stays involved in an organization 20+ years that condones and promotes pedophilia? NOT A VERY GOOD ONE THAT’S FOR SURE.
Pedophiles get killed in Prison because they are just scum. And I’m thinking something like that is what Leah and Mike wanted to have occur regarding Scientology. They wanted to put something out there that was so awful, that was so vile, that it would create a reaction of hatred toward the Church and have it attacked.
Now, I’m not saying that Scientology is all good or that Scientology shouldn’t be attacked. I don’t think it’s good and I do think it should be attacked. THAT Scientology LIES is a proven fact for me. It represents itself as something it is NOT and then gets you to believe them.
This Pedophile thing is NOT one of those points. Leah Remini knows it. Mike Rinder knows it. And it’s totally irresponsible of Leah Remini and Mike Rinder to put out such a thing. Totally irresponsible!
A Scientologist could get killed by spreading lies like that. I can see some deranged individual that knows a Scientologist believing this shit, grabbing a gun and executing that Scientologist for something that isn’t even remotely true.
There are at least 2 ways I can go at trying to explain that Scientology Condoning Pedophilia is a Lie.
Here’s one:
In Scientology there is thing called an overt act:

“OVERT ACT, 1. an overt act is not just injuring someone or something; an overt act is an act of omission or commission which does the least good for the least number of dynamics or the most harm to the greatest number of dynamics. (HCO PL 1 Nov 70 III) 2. an intentionally committed harmful act committed in an effort to resolve a problem. (SH Spec 44, 6410C27) 3. that thing which you do which you aren’t willing to have happen to you. (1 SH ACC 10, 6009C14)”

Can you see how the act of pedophilia is an Overt Act? If you can’t see definition 1 or 2, you can see definition 3 can’t you?
In case you don’t get what an Overt is there. Here’s another definition from HCOB 1 NOV68 ISSUE II

“An act by the person or individual leading to the injury, reduction or degradation of another, others or their beingness, persons, possessions, associations or dynamics”

I hope you can see that the act of pedophilia would be classified an Overt Act using the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.
In case you didn’t know, Scientology is BIG on having people come clean of their overt acts. There are things called “Confessionals”, “Security Checks”, “Overt/Withhold Writeups” and “False Purpose Rundowns” which are used at different times and circumstances on an individual.
I, Personally, had about 200 hours of Security Checking while I was on staff. Security entails getting off your overts to an auditor and then going to the Ethics Officer and making up the damage done for those overts that were brought up.
If a person has a record of committing a certain overt over and over he would be given a confessional or security check “false purpose rundown style”. What the “false purpose rundown style” does is have the person examine his overts and attempts to uncover any hidden or destructive intention that person may have that is causing him to continually commit that overt. The idea is that by spotting an evil or destruction intention it would keep that action for continuing to recur.
I wrote that last sentence like that as I’m not 100% convinced it does what it says it supposedly does. I have seen too many failures of this ‘false purpose rundown” to be 100 % convinced, especially when it comes to the second dynamic.
I hope, however, that you get my point. Committing overts isn’t going to be tolerated. Period. Why? In Scientology’s view committing overts is the one thing that will prevent someone from obtaining the gains that are available thru the Scientology processes, They are the cause of someone going what is called “Potential Trouble Source” and they are the cause of bad things happening to oneself.
Now, are there Scientologists out there that have been pedophiles? Probably so. I meet only 1 my entire 22-23 years in Scientology. He was Clear too! He was killed by being smashed between 2 cars in a horrible wreck. As we are on planet earth, and people are people and do some crazy shit, I can imagine there being more out there.
With all that said, there are people out there that think if you don’t report such offenses to the Authorities then you are condoning it. *sigh*
This point can be argued ALL day long. There are opinions out there that vary greatly on this matter and it’s a very emotional topic. I, personally, do NOT see the above argument that if you don’t report it to authorities you are condoning it.
I agree that if one is NOT doing the handlings that the Scientology system would require AND you aren’t reporting it to Authorities then you are condoning it.
Honestly, I feel that the Scientology Justice system would benefit the pedophile better than any other justice system out there. Some may think I am being Pro Scientology with that statement. All I can say is Scientology is at least trying to rehabilitate the person so he doesn’t keep committing horrible crimes.
If the person continues to commit crimes (overts) despite the handlings being done on the person, The Scientology action would be to excommunicate him. That’s Scientology ultimate handling for anything when trying to get a person to comply with what the Church says to do or not do.
You may be asking what I feel should be done with a known pedophile? Easy.
Chop his Dick off! Scientologist or Non-Scientologist
He won’t be doing it again that’s for sure.
Nope, don’t put me in charge of the Justice system.
I wasn’t planning on writing about this today. It’s just where my mind went when I began typing.
My whole point being is one should not use a Scientology tactic (lying) while trying to point out the wrongs in Scientology. It makes ex scientologist look bad, makes you look bad and it can get people overly emotional about something that is totally false and maybe even get someone killed.

I’m adding this about a week after writing the above:

Everyone that has been involved in Scientology has had their own unique experience. So, some would say the things that I wrote aren’t true. Here’s someone’s experience that differs than mine, I believe her and believe it is worth watching:

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