The Road to Truth

When my Christmas break from work was over, I was required to put in at least 15 hours on Course. To do this, I put in 2 nights, Monday and Wednesday, and all day Saturday. That’s pretty much what most people were doing.
I remember driving to Class one evening somewhere around the time the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in 1986. It was announced on the radio that L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology, had passed away. I was shocked to hear that.
The mood around the place was pretty somber that evening when the Course Supervisor made an announcement about it that night. It was said that he had completed all the work he could in a human body and that he had moved on to finish the rest of the work. Something like that anyway.
My thoughts were more like “Wow! These guys are serious about this. REAL Serious!” It scared me a little bit but also made me start wondering if there was really something here. It did get me to start taking a good long hard look about what I was involved in.

Only thing about that though is the only way to find out what your’e involved in is to do more of it.

I bought some more reading material and listening material. One lecture was called “Scientology and Effective Knowledge” and another was “The Road to Truth”. In that lecture, Hubbard, basically, says if you start on the Road to the Truth you HAVE TO go all the way. It’s the ONLY road you have to go all the way on.
Well, fuck! Like I needed to hear that shit!
I’m out to find Truth, I started this road and now I have to go all the way until I find it. I wanted to follow the road to Truth. I’ve been looking for that Road pretty much my entire life. Is this the right path? Is this where it all leads? I didn’t know.
I DO know I did a LOT of talking to GOD over the next couple months as I completed my Course and got onto another one. A LOT of talking!
Next Course was “How To Get Along With Others”. The Course teaches the Tone Scale in a very light format.
However, Lisa (Lisa Mcpherson) wanted to me to take my new found skills of communication and go out door to door selling Dianetics Books with her book seller. I was like “Yikes! Me? Are you kidding?”. She talked me into doing it. Damn it!
I think I sold one book that night. The person that I went with sold like 5 of 6 them.
I’m telling you right now, if that other person wasn’t with me that night as I was trying to sell those books, I would have packed ‘em up and RUN! I was at a door talking to someone about this Dianetics book when someone from inside the Apartment yells out, “Yeah, I know that book! That’s the book Jesus used!” and he comes to the door and starts telling me how Jesus used this book to heal himself and heal others around him, etc. I’m just staring at the dude not knowing what to say when the person I was selling books walks up and takes over for me. Phew!
I don’t think that Communication Course helped me with that one. I was told the dude just wanted to mess with me and sometimes you just got to move on to the next person. (you know, exactly how a sales person would handle some wacko, just move on to the next)
Lisa thought it was funny and we all kind of joked it off. I didn’t go sell books anymore.

I quite going to course shortly after that. I was supposed to be doing a drill where I raise someone on the Tone Scale and I just quite attending.
Several months went by. I still had my Job, I got my car back, my brother and I were living in a nice Newly Built apartment. We didn’t have much as we were young and just starting on our own. Live was good though.
The phone number I had, which Scientology had, got disconnected during my move and it took me a bit to get it back on. Getting it back on was a mistake as the first freaking call I got was from someone in Scientology and they wanted to come visit me.

I had almost quite walking this path then I met my first Sea Org Member.

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