My First Course

Getting that job, the day after first visiting Scientology was HUGE in my books. Maybe it was a sign. I was saying to myself that God showed me a sign. I thanked him for it. I questioned it too. Maybe it was all the work of the Devil though? Just trying to pry me away from my study of the Bible. Yes, all that was going through my head as I began to work again. No matter the thoughts going through my head, I was grateful to be working.
It was a simple job, at a warehouse that sold “put-it-together-yourself furniture”. They sold a LOT of it and shipped it out all over the country. It was a busy job, I was just 19 and very happy to be there.
I started to become friends with a couple of people there, even car pooled with one a few times that lived just a little bit from where I was living. I did mess up and get high a couple of times but, overall, things were good.
I never forgot about that Dianetics book, I read some of it again as I was just amazed. It was my total intention to sign up for a course just as soon as I had the money.
There is a point here that probably should be explained. Scientology cost money. If you don’t have money you can’t do it. Period. It is a pay as you go system. There is a path to the courses you take, that path may be a little different from person to person, but ultimately, the path is the same for every single person.
I was new. I was just going to do an introductory course. Luckily, those are cheap. I think it was about $100 for the Course and a few books and lectures the person wanted me to buy. Trust me, this isn’t much at all.
The person from Church would call me from time to time to check on me and see how I was doing. I knew I was going to be off a week from Christmas to New Year’s so we set that as the time period to do this Course.
I never mentioned the Course, did I? It was the Communication Course, which, back then was nearly everyone’s first course. I was like, I don’t need no Communication Course with the answer of “trust me”. I fully understand where that person was coming from now that I spent so much time in, did so much training and signed enough people up myself. Not going to get into all that here.
How’s this for being a crazy ass? I left work on 24 Dec 1985, headed down to the center and paid for and enrolled on my first course! How could I ever forget that day? Christmas Eve and all the shit that was going on in my head about all this. I didn’t do anything on course but I did enroll, I saw other people on course that day who will become in important in my life as the years roll on.

It’s also the day I met Lisa Mcpherson (She was Lisa Skonetski at the time). She worked in Div 6 area and helped get me started on my first course that day.  
The person who was running the Course (who would later become my senior) was alright enough. He was a bit intense, he wanted to know my schedule. He wanted 15 hours on course a week, minimum. Period. I had no idea how long the course would take and I don’t remember what he told me. I wanted to finish the whole course during my Christmas break and told him that.
I, basically, scheduled 8 hours a day on course every day starting Dec 26, 1985. I was planning on getting that course done. I wanted to find out what this stuff was about!
I didn’t finish that damn course to nearly freaking March!!
I really don’t know if this is boring to people or not. Honestly, not sure if that’s even important, I started all this to tell it like it is and hand over my story to the world. And, I’m going to continue.
Here were the Course Room hours at the time:
Scientology doesn’t mess around!
I barely remember my first day on Course. What I do remember is those 2 people that were there on 24 Dec were also there at 9am on 26 Dec! Those 2 people were brother and sister and they were going to the same High School that I just graduated from!
Wow! I have something in common with there people!
I also remember that I had gotten a pair of boots for Christmas. My first ever pair of boots! I wore those boots to my first day of class. Crazy how I remember that. Maybe because when I did my Course Supervisor Internship at Flag those boots were the only thing I had to wear on my feet. Man, those boots killed my feet! Or was it being on my feet from 9am to 10pm everyday that killed my feet? One thing I know, I have only bought one pair of boots since then.
I will explain how a Scientology Course Room is run on a future page on this site. I know a thing or 2 about that. To dive into it now would make it nearly impossible to get this story done. And it’s things like that that make this whole damn thing hard as hell to explain.
My course really consisted of nothing but drills. Drills drills and more drills. I sucked at them. I fell asleep all the time. My ass hurt all the time from sitting in that damn chair. I was miserable most of the time and just couldn’t figure out what this was doing for me. I kept at though.

What seemed strange to me was at the end of the day, the Supervisor would ask if any one had any wins that day. Sometimes he would define what a win was and sometimes he wouldn’t. Someone ALWAYS gave a win. Sometimes there were more than one. After the wins were told, there was a STANDING OVATION TO THIS HUGH PICTURE OF A GUY ON THE WALL (L. Ron Hubbard).
I didn’t stand that day, but I did clap. I was just confused and didn’t know what was going on really.
I asked about why the standing ovation and was told something along the line that it was just an acknowledgement to the man that gave us all this information. I was like, “oh, okay”
Little did I know. Makes me feel like I was a little sheep but herded along now that I look back at all that, knowing that I eventually became a Supervisor, a damn good one, and  I changed those course hours to EVEN longer, knocking out the morning break,  And, I changed things up to where after giving wins, I would read some line from Hubbard to the class and THEN the standing ovation.
I’ll get to all those things I did in due time.

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