Meeting My First OT

I was busy working on my Course. Doing the best I could, thinking this was going to help me. I will admit doing those Training Routines seemed to make things a bit easier. People have many views on what those Training Routines do to individual. I’m not going to give my interpretation of that here (in due time).
I was asked to go to the New Year’s Event. I was like a Church that has a New Year’s Eve event? Never heard of that before. I was told it was a gathering of the Scientologist in the area to go over the things that are happening and new advances that may have taken place and, well, to keep us all informed. I thought, “Why not? Let’s go”
Only New Year’s “events” I had been to in the past consisted of lots of drinking games, lots of dope smoking and just overall bull shitting with a toast at midnight and, if lucky (I wasn’t very often), a kiss at midnight. This was different.
This “event” was downtown in a tall building. Well, not downtown, but close enough. It was on the highest floor of the building and had food catered in, stuff like that.
We all had to go up to this table and sign in, letting them know we had attending.
There was Lisa again! (That’s Lisa Mcpherson in case you didn’t figure that out). She kind of took me under her wing and explained what to do, why sign in, etc..) and gave me a name badge to wear. She saw I wasn’t with anyone so she took me and found me a seat. She didn’t sit next time, she was married and went to sit by her husband. I sat alone.

Lisa was such an awesome woman. Love her to pieces. I’m not sure what I’m going to do every time she comes up while telling me story. She’s going to come up. I was her Course Supervisor, her Key to Life Supervisor, her friend. And I was the Executive Director of her home town when she passed. I have not one singe bad word to say about her. Never have, never will. Well, except that time she got me to go door to door selling Dianetics books!
I’m going to have trouble each time she comes up, just to let you guys know that.
I don’t remember what the bulk of this event was about. I think we listened to audio tape of Hubbard. Something from the RJ series but I could be mistaken. I do know it was not one of these High-Tech video playbacks like the events got to be. This I do know.
What I do remember is that I met my first OT’s! Two people were there that had just gotten back from this thing called Flag and one had finished OTVII! This was huge to the crowd that was there. I had no idea what it meant to later on that night. OTVII (that couple became reason #1 on my reasons for leaving list) was as far as one could go the Bridge so she had done the WHOLE THING!
“Damn!”, I thought, “that was impressive!”
I honestly thought this person could read my mind. I did! I’m not going to lie. I meet another OT that night, an OT3, I thought he could read my mind too.
I was a little scared, not too much; however, I didn’t want to be in the presence of those OT people very long as I didn’t want them to find to be reading my mind! I kid you not. That’s what I was thinking.
There was another standing ovation to this HUGE picture of L. Ron Hubbard again. I stood up this time. It was more peer pressure than anything (though no one forced me stand up, it sure would bring a lot of attention to you if you were the only one that didn’t)
Damn! No alcohol! No Drugs! No drinking games! And there was definitely no midnight kiss as the event was over way before then.
I left pretty much after that standing ovation. I don’t remember staying. I don’t remember hanging out. I may have had one plate of food. So hard to remember so long ago.
I wanted out of there. I didn’t want these people reading my mind!

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