My First Trip to a Scientology Centre

I laid the ground work for this in “Why I picked up that Dianetics book”

After I sent in for more information and to do a personality, I continued to look for a job. It was a nightmare with my memory causing issues and me forgetting all the time, I continued though.

It was a Sunday, I get a call from the Dianetics Center asking me to come down.  I wasn’t supposed to be using the car that day but I did it anyway as I was so damn curious.

I filled out that personality test and then sat down to talk with the person that had called me.

What I really want to get across here is the adeptness at which he could say the EXACT RIGHT THINGS I NEEDED TO HEAR!  I’m not going to be able to give exact quotes as to what was said. Dang, this was in the Fall of 1985.

On what are your views regarding all these Religions and their different views on things, how do you choose between any of them and what is Scientology’s belief in God:

“Man hasn’t reached a point in his spiritual awareness to get to the truth on all that. What we do is work to raise the person’s spiritual awareness so that he can find the true answers”

Why are all these religions fighting like they are when one really doesn’t even know for certain he has the answer:

“What we believe is that you should respect the Religious beliefs of others”

On that, I was like No Shit! Respect the religious beliefs of others. What a freaking concept! I can hang with that now. That would be more style instead of going around killing people because they believe different than I do plus no one can say they are THE right religion.

Does Scientology believe in God?

“We believe in a Supreme Being but again, we don’t know exactly what that is yet until we are each brought up to a high enough spiritual level to know the Truth on this and that is what we are working to obtain each and every day.”

I really didn’t need anymore. I was pretty much in at that point.  However, I consistently had doubts about Scientology through the years until I did the Life Orientation Course in 1990.  I will explain that and how that course handled many doubts about Scientology for me. Again, this is a long Spiritual Journey and there is much to tell.

If you read why I picked up that Dianetics Book and then read this, then you should be able to see how I was hooked and how he said the exact right words to get me in.

With that said, a person who knows Scientology has the ability to do this with each and ever person they come in contact with: say the exact right thing at the exact right moment. It’s a learned thing, it’s not learned to use a nefarious way and a person doesn’t even know they are learning how to do this but they are. It’s taught about in Scientology with the ARC Triangle.  Which I will write much about when the time comes.

Now, if the above wasn’t enough to convince me to sign up for a course or join up or, in other words continue my journey in Scientology. What happened the next morning did.

I got a job!!!

My life is right on track now! I got a job, I found a place that agrees with me that it isn’t ok to go around killing people for what they believe in Religiously and they even have an answer as to why there are so many different Religious beliefs out there.

Yep! I’m on the right path!!

Oh my God! What a journey this is going to turn into for rest of my life and this is just the fall of 1985.

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